The Founders commitment towards quality, fair dealing and respect for the customers views is the secret of Aditi Irrigation Technologies' success . Founder Mr. Pramod Ballal narrates his vision as follows:

We bring innovative solutions to the world of irrigation technology with a decade long tradition of reliability and friendliness. With the changing tide of water needs around the world, innovative technologies based on high standards must be developed to meet evolving water challenges. Our vision is to play a leading role in this process.

We believe in leadership, honesty, reliability, partnerships and quality. In fact, our beliefs translate into our mission of developing premium irrigation system for a wide range of purposes.

Our extensive experience in the field of irrigation enables us to lead the market with an innovative approach of customized solutions to the individual needs of our customers.

We place a heavy emphasis on verocity. Our honest approach in problem solving skill has led to numerous long-term relationships with our customers. They know we are always by their side, identifying challenges and providing reliable, long-lasting solutions, as well as continuous, dedicated services.

We are more than a supplier and problem solver. We are your partners, working in a mutual collaboration that will capitulate the best possible results for you.

We are proud of the strict quality control procedures that we adhere to, from the purchase of our raw materials to the final step in our production process. As a result, when you buy our products, you purchase quality.


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